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Performing Ashiatsu Physical Requirements

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It does not take a great deal of strength to perform a full body Ashiatsu massage. Most of the time the bars are only used for balance and light support. Check out the video below for a brief description and presentation showing the physical requirements to be able to perform Ashiatsu safely.


Barefoot Trainer's Ashiatsu reserves the right to maintain a weight limit/fitness level for teaching our Ashiatsu classes due to student/equipment safety and liability issues. It is important you have the strength to support and balance yourself when standing on the massage table with a client on the table.


A person of average bodyweight and strength is fully capable of performing Ashiatsu. If you feel the need please email us to discuss through verbal description and or photos if you have the ability to participate & deliver a comfortable Ashiatsu massage to your receiving partner. Ashiatsu requires the practitioner to have strength, balance and coordination to deliver Ashiatsu safely with flow and rhythm.


*Don't mind the cat, Sir Nicholas Meow II, he was already there and enjoying the heating pad so much that I couldn't move him.

Physical Requirements - Seated Ashiatsu
Physical Requirements - Standing Ashiatsu

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