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Client Benefits of Ashiatsu

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• The surface area of your feet is much greater than the hands, elbows, or

  forearms meaning you can cover a lot more area with your foot than you are able to

  with the other body parts. Because pressure is spread over a larger surface

  area, clients can receive a deeper more muscle relaxing massage without pain

  allowing them to remain more relaxed.


• Same deep work without the deep pain. Deep tissues techniques using the elbow,

  foream, or knuckles can be VERY PAINFUL and only compress a small amount of

  muscle tissue. The ball of the foot and the heel are larger allowing the massage

  therapist to compress and smoothe out more muscle tissue with much less pain.

  This allows the client to remain more relaxed during deeper work.


• Stretches the spine more efficiently then traditional massage techniques.

  Many Ashiatsu strokes help to elongate the spine. These movements dramatically

  stretch the shortened muscles, relieving any discomfort.


• Muscle tension relief of Ashiatsu is longer-lasting then traditional massage techniques.


• The pressure can be as light as swedish massage or deeper then any therapist can do with hands and arms.


• Effective massage work can be done in a shorter period of time.


• Deep pressure is more easily maintained for longer periods of time.


• It is the best massage a client will ever receive.


• Great for athletes wanting sports massage and client’s with a lot of muscle mass.

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Providing Ashiatsu training to massage therapists from the state of Connecticut


Ashiatsu Training Connecticut  Ashiatsu New Haven, CT  Ashiatsu Connecticut
Ashiatsu Stafford, CT  Ashiatsu Clinton, CT  Ashiatsu Certification Connecticut

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