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Founder & Instructor

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Justin Michaud is the founder and instructor for Barefoot Trainer’s® Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage® program. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011. Immediately upon graduating from massage therapy school Justin learned and became certified in Ashiatsu massage. While learning deep tissue techniques in school he could tell performing these techniques on a regular basis could not be good for a therapist’s body long term. This lead him to search for other deep tissue massage techniques and the discovery of Ashiatsu massage. Deciding to become certified in Ashiatsu is the best thing he could have done for his massage career and everyday he massages client’s he is thankful he learned this technique.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Justin practiced as a Registered Nurse at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. While working as an RN Justin became tired of working in a system focused on treating people with medication and surgery. Justin’s interest lied in preventive health care and treating disease and pain in natural ways when possible (which is possible more often then we think). In searching for ways to improve health outside of practices seen in our healthcare system Justin discovered massage. He has been able to provide clients relief from pain and stress through therapeutic massage. His passion for health, wellness, and helping people has existed his entire life. Justin is also a classically trained Pilates instructor. He teaches clients the original Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates.

Massage therapy has always focused on benefiting the client. Unfortunately, this was at the expense of the therapist’s body. Ashiatsu massage makes performing massage much easier on a therapist’s body while still providing client’s with the best bodywork available. Justin has only experienced positive feedback from client’s after their Ashiatsu sessions. Most client’s were very surprised by how good the massage felt and that they couldn’t tell it was the feet being used.

It is because of these benefits and the positive feedback that Justin has created his own affordable Ashiatsu massage certification course. He envisions all massage therapist incorporating Ashiatsu massage into their practice. He believes all therapist should learn this wonderful form of massage to benefit the needs of their client’s as well as their own bodies and careers.

Providing Ashiatsu training to massage therapists from the state of Connecticut


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