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Why Choose Barefoot Trainer's

Through our Ashiatsu training courses it is Barefoot Trainer’s® goal to bring the

many benefits of Ashiatsu massage to more licensed massage therapists at a

much more affordable price then is currently offered. This program has refined

Ashiatsu massage strokes to provide students with the most beneficial strokes

to their client's while reducing the energy and effort the therapist has to use.

Students learn full body posterior and anterior strokes in this 2 day

Ashiatsu training course.


Other Ashiatsu training programs teach ot over multiple courses. Separating the program

into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. Others teach the program in body areas,

teaching only beginner posterior strokes in one course then beginner anterior strokes.

Though these courses provide good education it is Barefoot Trainer’s® belief that the cost is

unnecessarily high. It can cost between $1000 - $2000 before the therapist

is able to provide a full body Ashiatsu massage.


The average career of a massage therapist is only 6-8 years. Though massage brings many benefits to the person receiving the massage this comes at a physical cost to the massage therapist. Especially with deep tissue massage. Massage therapist's are at a great risk of developing joint related issues through the upper body from the hands and wrists to the shoulder, neck, and back.


Ashiatsu Massage allows the therapist to use gravity along with their bodyweight to apply pressure through the surfaces of their feet. This greatly decreases the wear and tear to the therapist's body, extending their career and providing many more benefits. Click the buttons below to see lists of Ashiatsu's client and therapist benefits.





Ashiatsu Massage is an incredibly complimentary modality to add to your skill repertoire. It can be used alongside your current massage techniques to improve client outcome while saving your body.

Ashiatsu Training Connecticut  Ashiatsu New Haven, CT  Ashiatsu Connecticut Ashiatsu Stafford, CT  Ashiatsu Clinton, CT  Ashiatsu Certification CT  Ashiatsu Training CT
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Ashiatsu Training Connecticut  Ashiatsu New Haven, CT  Ashiatsu Connecticut
Ashiatsu Stafford, CT  Ashiatsu Clinton, CT  Ashiatsu Certification Connecticut

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