Therapist Benefits of Ashiatsu

• Allows therapist to use hands, thumbs, wrists, forearms, and elbows much less,

  saving their bodies.

• Makes performing massage easier, especially deep tissue.

• Makes it possible to see more clients because it is easier on your body.


• Adds to your income because you can see more clients.

• The pressure you use during your last massage is the same as the pressure you used

  in your first massage of the day.

• Combines with other massage techniques to improve client results.

• Stands out at events (conferences, road races, fund raisers).

• Foot care such as pedicures are a tax write off.

• Your clients leave feeling even better.

• Improves your posture and overall health.

• It’s very unique.

• Attracts the type of clientele who receive regular massage because those clients want to receive the greatest 

  results from each massage.

• Makes you stand out amongst other therapists in a quickly growing field.

Ashiatsu Training Connecticut  Ashiatsu New Haven, CT  Ashiatsu Connecticut Ashiatsu Stafford, CT  Ashiatsu Clinton, CT  Ashiatsu Certification Connecticut
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Providing Ashiatsu training to massage therapists from the state of Connecticut


Ashiatsu Training Connecticut  Ashiatsu New Haven, CT  Ashiatsu Connecticut
Ashiatsu Stafford, CT  Ashiatsu Clinton, CT  Ashiatsu Certification Connecticut